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At Direct Preventive Care, we focus on proactive healthcare, helping you live healthier, longer. Our expert doctors specialize in root-cause resolution medicine, addressing symptoms and underlying issues alike. Accessible nationwide, our cutting-edge facilities ensure top-quality care. Have questions? Reach out to a Direct Preventive Care Advisor today.

How it works

By understanding the underlying reasons for your symptoms, you can tackle them at their source, transforming good health into your everyday reality. 

Step 1: Diagnose

A comprehensive health and wellness evaluation conducted by a top board-certified clinician offers a complete overview of your health. Based on this analysis, your clinician will suggest advanced functional tests that provide deeper insights than typical laboratory tests. 

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Step 2: Treat

Your clinician will tailor a treatment program targeting the root causes, encompassing personalized advice on nutrition, sleep, exercise, lifestyle, supplements, and medications if necessary. A health coach, skilled in nutrition and behavioral change, will guide you in implementing these recommendations. 

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Step 3: Support

You will receive continuous support from your clinician, health coach, and RN care manager to modify your treatment plan as you achieve your health objectives. Regular meetings will be held to monitor and discuss your progress. 

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Transparent pricing. Exceptional care.

Join Direct Preventive Care today and secure a dedicated partner committed to preventing illness and guiding you towards optimal health for the long term.

  • All lab tests will incur additional charges

DPC is helping millions achieve their health goals.


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Care Designed for YOU.

Addressing your unique needs with DPC's holistic approach.


Discover Your Healthiest Self. Our root cause approach unlocks your full potential.

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Our experts are revolutionizing healthcare. We're committed to making quality care convenient and accessible, empowering you to take charge of your health.

Ruth Hill Yeilding, MD

Dr. Yeilding has specialized state-of-the-art laser surgical training and is a member of many societies including the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery.

Yamines Alifonso, MD

For professional inquiries, community projects, or collaborative opportunities, Yamines Alifonso-Amador welcomes communication.

Omar Cruz-Diaz, MD

With a stellar reputation for his dedication to patient care, research, and education, Dr. Manuel Omar Cruz-Diaz continues to leave an indelible mark on the medical community.

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DPC is perfect for adults seeking convenient and personalized healthcare from the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re experiencing ongoing health concerns or simply want to improve your overall wellness, DPC offers a proactive approach that fits your busy lifestyle. 

It’s easy! Just complete a quick online visit detailing your situation, including symptoms, health history, and goals. A US-licensed healthcare professional will then review your information and provide a personalized treatment plan. If medications are prescribed, they’ll be shipped discreetly with free shipping right to your door.  

Your privacy is our top priority. Our platform is built with the highest security standards in mind, complying with all applicable privacy laws. We utilize advanced technology and organizational measures to safeguard your information from unauthorized access or disclosureFor a more detailed breakdown of how we handle your data, you can visit our Privacy Policy. 

DPC connects you with a team of highly qualified, US-licensed doctors and nurse practitioners. Each provider undergoes a thorough background check and license verification process. You can easily access their resumes, licenses, and credentials directly within your account at any time.