Direct Preventive Care

How it works

By understanding the underlying reasons for your symptoms, you can tackle them at their source, transforming good health into your everyday reality. 

Step 1: Diagnose

A comprehensive health and wellness evaluation conducted by a top board-certified clinician offers a complete overview of your health. Based on this analysis, your clinician will suggest advanced functional tests that provide deeper insights than typical laboratory tests. 

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Step 2: Treat

Your clinician will tailor a treatment program targeting the root causes, encompassing personalized advice on nutrition, sleep, exercise, lifestyle, supplements, and medications if necessary. A health coach, skilled in nutrition and behavioral change, will guide you in implementing these recommendations. 

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Step 3: Support

You will receive continuous support from your clinician, health coach, and RN care manager to modify your treatment plan as you achieve your health objectives. Regular meetings will be held to monitor and discuss your progress. 

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DPC is helping millions achieve their health goals.


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