Direct Preventive Care

Direct Preventive Care Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy 

Last Updated: March 31, 2024 

This Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy supplements the Direct Preventive Care Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) and applies to personal data, including health data, handled by us. This policy adheres to the general principles of privacy and data protection as required under Florida law, including the Florida Information Protection Act (FIPA), as well as relevant federal regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Undefined capitalized terms shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Privacy Policy. 


Categories of CHD Collected 

In line with our Privacy Policy and depending on your interaction with Direct Preventive Care, we may collect the following categories of consumer health data: 

Individual Health Information: Including conditions, treatments, diseases, or diagnoses associated with the healthcare services or medications you seek. 

Behavioral and Social Information: Collected through your medical history as part of our services. 

Surgical and Procedural Information: From health-related surgeries or procedures noted in your medical history. 

Medication Information: Through purchases or use of prescribed medication via our services. 

Biometric Data: Including bodily functions, vital signs, and other health measurements. 

Diagnostic Information: Related to diagnoses, testing, treatment, or medications. 

Gender-affirming and Reproductive Health Information: Collected as part of the medical services provided. 

Genetic Data: When included in the medical history you provide. 


Sources of CHD 

We gather CHD from various sources, as outlined in our Privacy Policy: 

  1. Directly from you. 
  2. Automatically through your use of our Services. 
  3. Via social media and other content platforms. 
  4. From other third-party sources. 


Purposes for Collection of CHD 

The purposes for collecting and using CHD are detailed in the “Purposes for How We Use Your Information” section of our Privacy Policy, which includes: 

  • Service provision and management. 
  • Service analysis and improvement. 
  • Advertising and marketing. 
  • Legal compliance and protection of legal rights. 


How and Why We Share CHD 

We share CHD categories for business purposes as detailed in our “How We Disclose Your Information” section of the Privacy Policy. This includes sharing with: 

  • Health Care Providers and Services. 
  • Service Providers. 
  • Advertising Networks. 
  • Joint Product/Marketing Partners. 


Exercising Your Rights Under FIPA and HIPAA 

You have specific rights under Florida’s FIPA and federal HIPAA regulations regarding your CHD, such as the right to access, amend, and manage the use of your health data. Exercise these rights via our designated webform. For appeals or more detailed information, contact the appropriate regulatory authorities. 


Updates to this CHD Policy 

We reserve the right to update this policy to reflect changes in law, our data collection practices, or advancements in technology. Check this policy periodically for updates. 


Contact Us 

For any inquiries regarding this policy or our privacy practices, contact: 


Direct Preventive Care Ventures Inc.   

123 Health Drive, Suite 400, Orlando, FL 32801